David Morphew Photography

Studio After 200David Morphew is a local photographer who had previously worked from home. He found this restrictive as meeting clients at their home, his home or at an external venue did not allow him to showcase his work to its best advantage.

At the end of last year he moved into his studio in St John’s, Warwick. The rooms were dark and uninviting, but he knew the space had potential. David had met Jane Yates through networking and made contact when he realised he needed help.
Studio before
David explained: “I wanted to present a wow factor to potential clients, whilst still offering customers a comfortable seating area so they could feel relaxed when viewing their photographs. I also wanted to be able to display my work in a way clients could envisage them on their own walls.

My aim was to provide a homely feel to the space, but didn’t know where to start. I am a great believer in outsourcing work to the experts. Anyone can take a photo, but people employ me to get the best photograph they can. Similarly with Interior design, I wanted to get it right and use someone who had an expert eye for colour and design.

My biggest concern with appointing an Interior Designer was the expense I might incur. This was a new office space and my budget was potentially a barrier and challenge to the overall success of the project. Also, I wanted a Launch Party to announce the opening of the new studio on the 1st December 2011 which I felt would prove difficult with timescales, particularly for delivery of large items of furniture.

Jane’s challenge was to provide a scheme which worked with the space, the budget, the timescales and even more difficult, fit in with the green carpet already in place as this was beyond the budget to replace.

Jane provided a sketch showing the colours she would use to complement the space and the carpet!  Jane also put together a list of suppliers and I then sourced the products. The wallcovering suggested by Jane provided a dramatic effect, the voils softened the large windows and gave the room a cosy feel and the comfortable, but amazing white settee Jane found has added the wow factor.

Jane was very organised in the way in which she formulated her plan and we were able to meet the deadline date of 1st December and the Launch party took place as originally planned on the same day.

I would definitely use Sweet Lime again because Jane has a real eye for colour and the accessories she chose made a big difference to the final look of the studio.

Jane has a real eye for detail and that is what made the project a success. I also felt that Jane offered good value for money as she provided a useful space to work in at an affordable price. Jane fully understood studio close upthat I was working to a tight budget and she ensured that her suggestions fitted in with that.

When appointing an Interior Designer it is the ideas that you are paying for and the concept. Once you have agreed on the colour scheme, it is then easier to see how to make a functional room look really fabulous.studio detail

An interesting part of the design was the picture hanging system which Jane suggested. This allows me to move the pictures around without lots of nails and pictures hooks in the walls. Jane was also able to provide details of the suppliers and manufacturers to make the purchases easier.

I would definitely recommend the service of an Interior Designer if you are looking to transform a simple working space into something that really works for you and your client.  My advice when appointing an Interior Designer is to clearly describe what you want the room to do, but more importantly listen and have an open mind about the ideas they give you. After all that’s what they’re good at!