Mr & Mrs Kirby

kirby_2Mr & Mrs Kirby have lived in Kenilworth for just over one year after moving from South of Oxford.
On arriving in their new home, the Kirby’s received an introductory letter from Sweet Lime Interior Design which explained the services they were able to offer new home owners.

Mrs Kirby explained that the house fulfilled their needs in terms of size and location but it was in very poor decoration and they really needed some design inspiration.  Mrs Kirby said: “We hadn’t worked with a designer before but we needed every room in the house completely redecorated and in some parts construction works were required.

The introductory letter from Sweet Lime Interior Design could not have come at a better time and we therefore invited Jane Yates to come along and provide us with ideas on how to make the ho use into a light, bright living space which would become our home.   When we met with Jane, she explained how she worked and she provided us with some ideas on what could work for us.

We provided Jane with a brief of what we were looking for in terms of comfort and space in the lounge, kitchen and dining areas. Jane went away and came back with her ideas.

Kirby Case Study KitchenJane included a colour scheme, the floor plan and samples of what she felt would work for us for the kitchen and lounge. At the same time we were also talking to architects and builders about building work at the back of the house.

It was at this point that we decided to move away from the lounge and concentrate on the kitchen and dining space.

Kitchen BeforeThe kitchen was dark and unispriring and wasn’t a space we enjoyed living in. We feel the kitchen is the heart of the house as we enjoy entertaining and so wanted a space we enjoyed.

We were challenged by some of Jane’s ideas because they were outside “our comfort zone” but that was why we had asked her to be our Interior Designer. We had not worked with an Interior Designer before but we felt that by employing the services of a “professional” we would end up with something which had the “wow factor” and something that we could show off to our friends. We took on board all her ideas and were really pleased with the results.  Jane sees things in a different way – and when it comes to colours she is absolutely fantastic.

In the kitchen Jane provided advice on the layout prior to the builders starting work and she gave us very good advice on the lighting. She found some really interesting lights which provide a great talking point and she made all the other suggestions such as colour schemes, light fittings, tiling and the flooring.

Sweet Lime Interior Design recommended all local trades people such as the painter and decorator, the tile company, the blind company and we made contact with each of the tradespeople.

Kirby Case Study KitchenThis provided us with the confidence and trust that we would be using reputable businesses. Timesaving was not the issue, it was the trust in getting the right items and the right trades people that appealed to us and using local people was a benefit too.

The old fireplace in the lounge dominated the whole room and her suggestion was to have something inset into the wall which made better use of the space available and we are really pleased with the finished effect. In the kitchen, she suggested putting curtains on the window at the dining end and it is absolutely right as it changes the mood of the room completely.

During the consultation period, Jane has provided items of furniture and suppliers that I would not have come across myself.

Overall, we were very pleased with the service offered by Jane of Sweet Lime Interior Design and would recommend her to others.

When you stand back and look at the whole project the actual expense of using an Interior Designer was a minor spend compared to the whole budget for the project.  By using Jane’s services it is a small amount to pay and what you are buying is a skill. Putting the whole scheme together is the skill that Jane brings to the project.

Kirby Case Study KitchenWe were able to re-use some of the larger items we had and Jane was happy to accommodate these items in the overall design.
She came up with some excellent ideas which fitted within our budget.  Jane’s interior design expertise has definitely added value to our home.  The house was a classic old fashioned house with very dark furniture and furnishings and we now have a beautiful light, warm and comfortable home to live in.

One of the best things about using Sweet Lime Interior Design is her eye for colour which leaves you with something that is unique to you.

If you are considering using Sweet Lime Interior Design, I would suggest that you do not dismiss initial design ideas. Take time to reflect on what is suggested and expect to be surprised.  Just two or three ideas outside your comfort zone can really add the wow factor.