Christmas Decoration Inspiration 2014

I love Christmas, particularly the opportunity to decorate my home, and give it some extra special sparkle to welcome family and friends over the festive period. It’s great to let your creativity run a bit wild, and have some fun, after all it’s only temporary and can all be packed away ’til next year without leaving any permanent signs.

There are lots of different design styles to choose from this year, some that have been around for a while, so you can update and add to what you already have, or you could have a complete makeover of your decorations and go for something new and different.  You can however, get a bit attached to decorations, they often have sentimental value and happy memories associated with them from Christmas’s past, so I like to mix and match and add new ones, putting some away, and perhaps re-using them again next year.

43954_1[1]This year I will be re-hanging some lovely paper snow-flakes I had last year, to create a magical display in my dining room, tapping into the vintage trend that is still with us, but I will be having a red and gold theme in my conservatory, inspired by a lovely Chinese lantern I bought earlier in the year for an amateur dramatics production I was involved in.  Not sure what trend this is though, but of course you don’t have to follow any trend, just go with what you love, and what works best in your home.

Here are a few themes and ideas to inspire you:

Glorious Metallics – this trend has been around for a while, mainly base on gold and silver decorations, but during 2014twelve_shiny_copper_baubles_x-shinybaub_2_[2] copper has seen a big revival in interiors, particularly for lighting, and I have noticed that there are some copper coloured decorations in the shops this year.  These could be incorporated beautifully with existing silver and gold decorations you may already have, giving a contemporary and stylish look to your room. These lovely baubles from Cox and Cox could be just what you need to update your tree this year.

WGHPG_XS14_24_EEL[1]Tranquility – This is a new trend, based on shades and textures of white contrasted with deep evergreens, evoking silent snow filled pine forests. A lovely way to introduce this would be to decorate a mantle piece with simple white candles and winter evergreens such as pine,  holly and bay leaves, carrying the theme onto your Christmas day dinner table, keeping it all very simple and elegant.

Jewel Colours – gorgeous shades of purple, emerald green, ruby and the very trendy turquoise are always lovely at Christmas, I love to see a tree decorated in this way, with sparkling lights bouncing off the baubles, givin233486847alt9[1]g a richness and opulence that is lovely to see at this time of year.  You could combine two trends with these baubles from John Lewis, jewel colours in vintage shapes.

scandi-branch-christmas-tree-33120-p[ekm]233x349[ekm][1]Natural Textures – Layer textures of natural fibres, outdoor finds such as twigs, pine cones for a gentle more rustic look. I love this twig Christmas tree from Rockett st. George, minimal, scandi and rustic, three current trends all in one object!  That keeps your Christmas decorating nice and fuss free if that’s what you prefer.

Fun Stuff – this is a great new trend if you want to inject a bit of young-at-heart into your KGUAX_XS14_50_F[1]Christmas decorating, or you have little ones to please.  There are lots of knitted or felt animals, birds  and novelty shapes out there, together with jolly Father Christmas’s and snowmen, and of course penguins, which are huge this Christmas.  I think these sweet mitten garlands from White Company are a great example of this trend.

Happy decorating!