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Christmas Interior Decoration Tips

How we decorate our homes at Christmas is a very personal choice. We may just love to decorate however the mood takes us, but sometimes we may need a bit of guidance or inspiration and using interior design principles can help us to make pleasing choices and follow a more co-ordinated path.
When first considering decorating for Christmas it helps to look the design style your home already follows. Is it cool and minimal, warm and cosy, classical, eclectic. cottagey, or do you follow Scandinavian design? To achieve a co-ordinated look it is probably best to stick to your design style and continue this into your Christmas decorating. Cool and minimal would probably not mix too well with a traditional Victorian style theme.

Colour choice also plays an important part in choosing a Christmas design style and again interior design principles can be applied here. Let’s look at the interior design colour wheel for our inspiration.

A monochromatic scheme which uses one colour and all its tints and tones gives a beautifully co-ordinated look and is easy to match into your current décor.
A harmonious scheme that uses three or four adjacent colours on the wheel again gives a wonderfully complex and rich colour scheme and lends itself well to jewel colours which are particularly lovely at Christmas.
Complementary and triadic schemes are the Christmas classic, this is where complementary colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel are used to great effect, think of red and green holly leaves and berries. This type of scheme can also inject fresh ideas into Christmas decorating using more unusual colour combinations to truly reflect your own home’s current décor. You could pick an accent colour to decorate in to complement the colours already used in your home.

As well as colour, try to add texture and interest in other ways. Use throws, rugs, cushions, fresh flowers, foliage and fruit, pinecones and berries and metallic accents to really bring your scheme to life.

Colour schemes to inspire:
Traditional red and green
Stylish red and white
Glamorous gold
Contemporary brights – purple, blue and green
Deep and mysterious – Burgundy and brown with pewter accents
Opulent jewels colours – amethyst and turquoise
Soft pastels – pinks and lilacs with silver

Christmas themes
You may love a particular interior design style and want to carry this through for example minimalist, Scandinavian style, opulent, rustic, vintage chic. So look out for products that reflect this style and build up your collection year on year.

Trends in Christmas interior decoration 2012
You may like to follow current fashions and decorate according to this year’s style. Trends to watch this year are:
Green and white – frosted green branches
Folk – hand made and craft led
Metallic – pewter and bronze
Rustic charm – simple homespun style.

Christmas tree decorated to match room colour scheme