Going for Gold in Interior Design

After years of being eclipsed by chrome, silver and pewter, gold is making a comeback in interiors, and this trend may be helped in the UK with Team GB’s fantastic success at the London Olympic games this year!

Gold has a classic, rich and timeless appeal and is a great way to enliven a neutral scheme and comes into its own in soft evening candlelight, giving a warm, welcoming glow to a room. It is especially good to use it to create luxurious bedrooms, elegant sitting rooms and glamorous bathrooms that tend to be used more in the evenings than daytime.  Good colour combinations would be white and gold for classic elegance, black and gold for drama and decadence and amethyst and chocolate for opulence and luxury.  Look for design influences in baroque interiors, French Chateau style and Hollywood Regency.

Fabrics, wallpapers, accessories and gilded furniture are all great ways to introduce gold into an interior design scheme.

For ideas on how to bring Olympic Gold into your home contact Jane at www.sweetlimedesign.co.uk