Six Serious Interiors Trends for 2015

We are now well into 2015, and I thought I would share with you some trends I see emerging this year and going into next.  I think there is a real technology versus comfort thing going on in interiors; by this I mean that as we are increasingly drawn into having all the electronic gadgets at our disposal, we are looking for a softer feel  to our homes, where we can feel cocooned from the outside world. We are looking to be cosseted by comfortable seating, natural colours and finishes and a return to good old fashioned books.  Here are some of the key trends we will be seeing:1

Large comfortable seating – that can be shared by all the family to chill out together on, particularly corner groups in family spaces. We can watch TV together, chat and dare I say it catch up on all our social media together!

DSCN1715Deepest blue – gorgeous deep shades of blue on walls and beautiful indigoes in fabrics such as these from the Osborne and Little’s latest collection, Pasha. Textural, exotic, and very different from everyday life.  Blue is the colour of summer skies, tranquil spaces, heaven. It is perfect for grounding us in nature, far away from all our gadgets.

Geometrics – if all this blue isn’t for you, and you are looking for something mDSCN1705ore contemporary and urban, how about following the geometrics trend, as these fabulous fabrics from Prestigious Textiles and Ashley Wilde demonstrate. Still up there with the grey and neutral look that is so popular at the moment, but with the added bonus of structure.

DSC_4923Driftwood finishes – a little while ago, I had a project where the client’s family room was criss -crossed with pine wood beams, they had yellowed with age and were not looking their best. I suggested that we paint them in a soft wash of white, to give them a drift-wood finish, as you can see in this picture, and now this is a trend for 2015.

Statement lighting – this draws the eye up, making a new focal point to the room.  There is so much choice available, and well-chosen lighting not only gives the practicalities of light, but also DSC_2803adds to the decorative scheme, adding another layer of texture and interest. I used this beautiful bone china cascade fitting in the same project as the driftwood beams to give the wow factor

Libraries – yes, we are going back to books, and a real trend will be surrounding ourselves with our favourite volumes to get a sense of perspective in a fast changing world. I can see this being really useful in this day and age of open plan living. What better way to retreat from all the hustle and bustle of family life, than in a beautifully planned library with relaxed seating and familiar objects around us?  I also see this as a way to use a redundant dining room, why not turn it into a library with comfortable dining chairs for reading and relaxing, and an extendable dining table for when you would like to entertain more formally?