A summer update for your home

We are past 1st May, and in my book that means spring has sprung and summer is on its way.  Now is the time to look at giving your home a bit of a makeover, and get ready for the long summer days ahead.  I would start with a good spring clean and de-clutter. Get rid of those inevitable cobwebs, clean underneath the furniture and give the windows a good clean to make sure you are letting all the possible light in.images

You don’t have to have complete refurbishment of your main sitting room, just have a look at what you already  have and see if you can put some of it away for the summer and bring in a lighter fresher feel.  I would suggest putting any woollen or heavy throws away and darker coloured rugs and replacing them with cotton or linen items.  Use fresh green, blue or yellow cushions, whatever works with your existing décor, to give a lighter mood.  Change dark coloured lampshades for white or cream ones.  If you have an open fireplace, they can look rather empty when not in use, so place some fresh flowers or perhaps a vintage fire-screen in front to make it look less exposed.  Use lovely fresh flowers wherever you can in brightly coloured vases, and scented candles in summery scents of lemon, lime and rose to lift your mood.

Metallic and glass accessories are lovely at any time of the year, reflecting firelight in the winter and bouncing lots of imagesXXW8ADPTbright sunlight around the room in the summer.  Group them strategically around the room in three’s and fives, and place them on the window sill to really sparkle.  Make sure you keep them shiny and dust free!

Bedrooms need a bit of a refresh too, using the same principles, put away snuggly blankets and throws, add in some pretty coloured accessories, and invest in some pure cotton or linen bed linen to keep you cool on those long summer nights.

For more help and ideas on giving your home a seasonal makeover, get in touch with Jane at Sweet Lime Interior Design