My Take on The Great Gatsby Film Interiors

I finally went to see the new Great Gatsby film last night and it exceeded my expectations, it was a complete feast for the senses, fast paced, beautifully shot and the clothes and jewels… well what can I say?  It’s very rare that you go to see a film and the audience sits in awed silence as it finishes, but they did last night, I think we were all a little overwhelmed.


Gatsby's party spaceI was particularly looking forward to seeing how they dressed the film sets and I was not disappointed, I always love  American film interiors and am a big fan of Hollywood Regency.

This picture shows Gatsby’s ballroom all set up for a party, so wonderfully Art Deco and opulent, though I wouldn’t recommend lit candles next to billowing curtains on safety grounds!




Nick's Cottage interior

What struck me most was how well they managed the large scale spaces for the big party scenes in contrast to the more intimate living spaces where the drama really unfolded.  Nick Carraway’s tiny cottage, dwarfed by the Gatsby mansion was the perfect example of this, a  beautiful Arts and Crafts period space, dressed with wonderful details such as the clock, broken by a nervous Gatsby when he meets Daisy for tea there.


Daisy Sitting Room


And what about Daisy’s gorgeous drawing room? Full of style and elegance as you would expect; but surprisingly inviting and relaxed – the perfect place to lounge and sip a cooling drink on a sultry afternoon.  Soft feminine tones, comfy sofas and cushions and what about that telephone sitting on its own pedestal, awaiting those momentous phone calls, I really think we have lost something with our mobiles!


Gatsby's bedroom

The other amazing space was Gatsby’s bedroom, which really was an enormous wardrobe where at one point in the movie Gatsby starts opening drawer after drawer of expensive hand-made shirts,  raining them down on Daisy, in an attempt to impress her with his fabulous wealth – who wouldn’t want a room like that at their disposal?  So for lots of Jazz Age glamour and total escapism, I would highly recommend The Great Gatsby, go and see it as soon as you can!



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