Create a Beautiful Outdoor Room this Summer

Summer is finally with us and our thoughts turn to spending time outdoors, but this doesn’t mean we can’t be as stylish outdoors as we are inside.  Here are some of my ideas for designing a beautiful outdoor space to spend your summer days in:Image

  1. Theme your space – looks you could try are modern and minimal with a neutral palette,  Mediterranean using colourful,  bright textiles contrasted with blue or perhaps  a more rustic and recycled look.  Another approach is to theme your outside space to match with your interior design.
  2. Create zones for eating and lounging using screens, troughs and planters or contrasting paving materials such as terracotta, slate, sandstone on different levels.  Add interesting lighting, that will take the garden from day into night, ensuring you get maximum use of your outdoor space.
  3. There are so many choices these days for garden furniture.  Waterproof rattan furniture is becoming much more readily available now at reasonable prices, and makes a very comfortable and practical choice.  But if this is a bit too uniform for you, how about using battered old, reclaimed furniture and timber for a more natural and informal look?
  4. I love to hear the gentle sound of water in the garden, it gives a lovely, relaxing feel as well as reflecting light back.  Clever use of mirrors can help to make an enclosed area feel larger and more spacious.
  5. Outdoor cooking is as popular as ever, but the choice isn’t just limited to barbecues, functional, stainless steel outdoor kitchens are now available.  And to keep warm on cooler evenings you could have an outdoor fireplace installed, or just use a simple fire pit to enable you to sit out longer.
  6. For planting use box hedge and bay trees in stylish planters to provide cooling greenery, or a gazebo with climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle and passion flower to provide shade and privacy.
  7. A stunning piece of sculpture will add a focal pointImage