How to Bring Spring into your Home

Spring is definitely in the air, and I saw my first butterfly of the year today, which is always a sign that summer is on its way.  I love using flowers in the home to bring freshness and colour, and I believe they give a positive psychological boost to living spaces.  Now is a great time to breathe spring into your home and finally get rid of winter by using all those lovely spring flowers that are available now.

Here are a few hints and tips for using flowers in your home:

  • Have a vase of fresh flowers on your hall table, that way the last thing you see as you leave and first thing when you come home is something cheerful and welcoming.
  • Placing flowers in the kitchen, on a worktop or table is a lovely way to create an inviting atmosphere where people gather in the home.
  • A small bouquet of flowers in a bathroom or bedroom really brightens them up, especially for visitors, but I still think they make a great everday treat too.
  • Careful colour choice will enhance a room’s decor, try soothing colours like blues and greens for a tranquility, yellows and peaches for a warming, sunny feel and pinks and lilacs for a bit of romance!
  • Be creative with containers – for that very trendy vintage look use old china jugs, teapots, battered metal containers, crystal vases, whatever you can find.