How to get that Chalet Chic look at home.

These days ski chalets aren’t all about yellow pine, elaborate carving and red and green colour schemes, the latest look is all about reclaimed timber, luxurious modern innovations and natural textures.  And if you’ve  been on a ski-ing holiday recently and would like to introduce this cool new vibe into your home, here are some key design points to help you:

  • Walls – Go for rustic, reclaimed wooden panelling on the walls, sand the wood down and stain light grey for that Scandinavian look.
  • Floors – should also be wooden and either match the walls or provide a strong contrast. and perhaps have practical stone or tile floors (with underfloor heating of course) in the kitchen.
  • Lighting – Warm cosy layers of light can be built up using table lamps and candles, and if you have a real fire all the better!
  • Colours – use a palette of soft greys and beiges throughout all the rooms to give a relaxed feel, the palette should be complex and use lots of shades and tones from deep chocolates and charcoal greys through to light, bright whites and creams to avoid it all looking too bland and one dimensional.
  • Soft furnishings – Use lots of natural fabrics such as linen, felt and wool for cushions, rugs and throws to snuggle up in and add wamth and texture.
  • Accessories -bring in your own character and personality with well chosen artwork, interesting table lamps and collections of natural found objects.