The secret to choosing the right interior colours for your home

As an interior designer, I am often asked where to start when choosing colours for a room.  Here are a few simple principles to follow that will guide you in the right direction:

  • Firstly think of colours in two categories: warm or cool. Warm colours being reds, pinks, oranges and warm yellows and cool colours being blues and greens.
  • Secondly, think about the aspect of the room, which way does it face, north or south? Then use warm colours in a north facing room and cooler colours in south facing rooms.  This is not a hard and fast rule when it comes to south facing rooms as warm colours can also be used to great effect in these rooms too.
  • What about east and west facing rooms?  Well, greens and blues work beautifully with morning sunlight in east facing rooms and deep, mellow colours such as terracotta and aubergine look lovely with afternoon and evening light in westerly rooms.

Use colour to create mood and atmosphere in a room. Warm colours for an intimate, cosy effect and cool ones for a spacious, elegant feel. Applying these simple guidelines will go a long way to helping you choose colours with confidence.

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