The secrets of great lighting design for your home

Good lighting can make such a difference to a room’s function and atmosphere, but can be overlooked when planning the decor. Here are some rooms in the home and tips for choosing the right types of lighting for the best ambience:

Hallway:  this room needs to be warm and welcoming and table lamps and wall lights work well to provide this kind of light. Consider using a beautiful chandelier in the stair well to add drama and interest.

Living room: layered lighting that can be used at different times of the day is best in here.  Think about what tasks are performed in the room and match lighting accordingly.  Table lamps are needed for reading and to create a cosy atmosphere. Use directional lighting to emphasise artwork and light up shutters, curtains and blinds to substitute for daylight and prevent blank spots in the room. Don’t forget some lovely scented candles to add an extra layer of atmospheric light.

Kitchens and bathrooms: these rooms need good, practical shadow free lighting to enable you to see clearly, but a decorative element is always good in the kitchen to add wow factor. How about some great pendants over a central island to create interest? In the bathroom a relaxing feeling can be introduced with niche lighting and low level floor lights.

Bedrooms: a combination of wall lights and discreet overhead lighting on a dimmer will give a practical level of light when needed but can be changed to give a more relaxed feel later in the evening.  Good bedside lights are essential for reading. And again don’t forget those candles for added relaxation and perhaps a romantic evening.

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