The Latest Fashion Meets Interiors Trend – New Baroque

The Baroque style is having a revival at the moment both in fashion and interiors. It is a strong look taking its inspiration from 18th Century France with gorgeous curves, opulent fabrics and lots of gold.

This lace dress from Miu Miu is a great example of the look as interpreted in fashion at the moment.  If you are interested in using the look in your home, there are two ways of approaching it.  The first is to embrace it completely, this, however needs careful handling as you don’t want to end up with the total Liberace’s palace experience! A more subtle way would be to choose one or two of the great pieces that are available at the moment to add a touch of glamour and drama to your room.

This wall paper from Cole and Sons Albemarle collection would be a great start, an opulent Baroque pattern reinterpreted in today’s neutral palette.

Another key feature of the Baroque look is gold, which has been a bit unfashionable in interiors over the last few years, but is now gradually making a re-appearance.  This fabulous gold ‘GaGa’ table by The French Bedroom Company would certainly make a great statement in  hallway as a console table.  Keep everything else simple and let the table do the talking!

Or how about this amazing flocked chandelier from Heals over your dining table, it comes in lots of show stopping  colours and would make a real conversation piece at your dinner parties.

If you like the Baroque style but aren’t brave enough to make a big splash, why not put this charming memo board from Be Golden up in your kitchen for some everday glamour.

For help bringing the Baroque style, or any other style to your home, contact Jane at Sweet Lime Interior Design