The New Pantone Fashion Colours for Autumn 2012

The Pantone Institute have just released their new fashion colours for the Autumn and very lovely they are too!  Clothes fashion and interiors trends follow each other closely and I think this new palette has a lot to like for interior design as well as Haute Couture .

The colour of the year is Tangerine Tango, a vibrant shade of orange, which has been widely used all year, and has been very much in evidence at interiors exhibitions I have attended. It’s a bold shade, best used as an accent against neutral shades and looks lovely with French Roast and Honey Gold, also included in the palette. Here is a mood board I found that demonstrates this beautifully.

Another favourite colour this year has been yellow-green as seen in the palette as Bright Chartreuse, more normally seen as a spring colour, it also works well as an autumn colour again combined with French Roast for a scheme in a room facing a garden.  Here is another great moodboard showing this winning combination.

My final pick from the palette is the gorgeous Rose Smoke, I have just recently used this colour in a client’s bedroom to great effect.  It is a soft neutral with a hint of lilac to lift it and give warmth, for a calming feel. I also used deeper lilacs and metallic pewter accents for an elegant and sophisticated scheme.

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