What Interior Design Style are you?

Interior design styles come and go and today I thought I would look at three key trends that are fashionable at the moment: Minimal City, Shabby Chic and Retro. Which of these design styles are you?

Minimal City – this is all about sleek modern finishes, black and white colour schemes with a few retro touches.  Add in lots of chrome and gadgets and this is a great look for a kitchen.

Shabby Chic – this style is all about the lived in look, so even if you are buying new it needs to look a bit battered, bring in those great vintage shop pieces you have found and choose a soft, muted colour palette of warm grey and cream to give the relaxed feel that shabby chic is all aboout.

Retro – this look is about taking retro pieces and updating them with a fresh edge.  For a photographic studio I designed recently I used a 70’s inspired wallpaper in bright modern colours and a white chesterfield sofa for a new take on design classics.