Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness…

Street scene, Rome

Autumnal colours have been out of fashion in interiors for some time now, but I feel there is a real place in the home for those gentle shades of green, gold, amber and scarlett that speak of mellow, misty days and bountiful harvests.  These colours work particularly well in reception rooms where warmth and welcome are needed and are very good for rooms that are used for relaxing in in the evening, especially with a western aspect to catch those last precious rays of daylight.  Imagine warm ochre walls glowing in flickering firelight, and a comfy terracotta coloured sofa to sink into…


I recently received some new fabric sample books from Swaffer that feature colours and patterns inspired by nature, and these colour-ways here have a strong autumn influence, they would be lovely used in a snug sitting room or dining room for a warm, relaxed feel.

You don’t have to leaDSCN0752ve seasonal decorations until Christmas, on this mantel piece I have arranged a garland of autumn leaves, pinecones and acorns interspersed with vintage style green glass tea lights to bring an autumn touch indoors and a gentle glow in the evening. DSCN0780

These Chinese lantern flowers were grown in my garden over the summer and look lovely arranged in this vase.  I will also be drying some and spraying them gold to make decorations at Christmas.

On a recent trip to Rome IClassical Carving, Rome spotted this beautiful stone carving of luscious fruit, salvaged from a 2000 year old temple; we have been celebrating nature’s harvest for a long time now,  why not bring an essence of it into our homes for a sense of continuity and gratefulness?


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