Social Media and Interior Design

I had an amazing surprise this week.  I opened up May’s copy of idfx Magazine, the leading interior design trade journal and found myself in it!  How I came to be there shows the power of social media.

I am an avid fan of twitter and was browsing through my tweets one day when I saw one from idfx Magazine who I follow, asking for any interior designers who use social media to come forward and share their experiences.  I tweeted back saying that I would like to comment, not realising that I would end up in the magazine!

Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are great ways to promote my business, keep in touch with other industry professionals and find wonderful new suppliers.  On a personal level I have ‘met’ some really interesting people from all around the world and have, on the whole, found it to be a very positive thing to be involved in.  It can be time consuming, you have to be quite disciplined in your approach to it, particularly in business, and you need to persevere, but I would encourage anyone to have a go.  My next project is Pinterest, so watch this space!

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